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Going on an exchange can be a stressful, but fantastic experience, but also quite expensive. The Association of Natural Resource Students (FN) would like to reward members that have been brave enough to take the leap into the big wide world. Therefore, FN has a travel grant you can apply for.

Remember to read the guidelines thoroughly before applying.

Guidelines for travel grant

As a member of FN, you can apply for financial aid if you have been on a trip abroad in connection to your studies. This aid can only be applied for after the stay has ended, but no later than one year after your return.

The following guidelines must be complied with in order for the application to be approved:


  • The applicant must have been a member of FN throughout their travels, and documentation of this must be included in the application. This could be by sending a picture of a bank statement showing the last payment to FN.


  • The amount applied for must not exceed DKK 5000 – The amount will be awarded dependent on the number of applications, along with the funds FN has allocated the travel grants at the General Assembly.


  • The travel grant is solely for study-relevant activities abroad. For example foreign exchange or data collection abroad in connection with thesis writing, or foreign exchange during your Bachelor. Stays abroad where ECTS points have been awarded will be prioritised.


  • As a recipient of the FN's Travel Grant, you may be asked to participate in exchange-related events organized by the FN.


​The content and design of the application:

Processing of applications:
The vice chairperson receives and reviews all applications, after which they are presented at the first board meeting following the deadline. Here, the board will assess all applications and determine if each individual applicant qualifies for the travel grant.


Next application deadline: 21st of April 2024 at 23:59

Application form for the exchange scholarship

You can only apply for FN’s travel grant after returning from your activities abroad. The Application form has to be filled out and sent to:

The deadline is at the end of block 1 and 3
Next deadline: 21st of April 2024 at 11:59 PM

If you are not sure whether you fulfill the guidelines/requirements, then read more about it  here .

The application form

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