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Photo: The Student Council at KU


do not miss
  • RUS event on August 26 

  • Matriculation party on 27 August

  • Study start week 30 August to 3 September 

  • D-Day 1 (date coming soon)

  • D-Day 2 (date coming soon)

  • D-Day 3 (date coming soon)

  • FN General Assembly on 1 October

  • Cabin tour on 19-21. November

Registration for the Matriculation Party, Study Start Week and the Cabin Tour takes place via your Education page on the Intranet (KUnet). 

RUS event

The RUS event is held by the Student Council in mid-August. Here, as a new student, you have the opportunity to meet your future fellow students from your own education as well as some of your future drug counselors. The event takes place outside on Sønder Campus, which is located on Amager close to Islands Brygge. It's a fun day, which begins with an intro from KU's Rector and others. followed by an intro to your upcoming study in a room. In the evening, the event ends with a party for everyone, here you will have the opportunity to meet some of the students from the three other programmes, with whom you will go on a rustling trip. Usually most of your future drug counselors also come to the party in the evening. 

Register for the RUS event here .

Find your way to Sønder Campus here .

Matriculation party

The matriculation party takes place before the actual study start week and is held this year on the Frederiksberg Campus. Here, all new students will have the opportunity to greet the Chancellor, who is said to bring good luck during their time at the university. Sofie Østergaard is the host and there will be both physical participation and online participation. Henrik C. Wegener, Rector, gives a speech and the day ends with a performance from Lord Siva. Join your drug counselors and fellow students for a super pleasant afternoon on our beautiful Campus. It takes place at Plænen, located at Grønnegårdsvej 8, 1870 Frederiksberg C. 


Your drug counselors will provide more information.

Study start week

The study start week is an introduction week to life at the university, both academically and socially. Your addiction counselors will welcome you here, and have planned an exciting program for you. You will have the opportunity to meet students from your own field of study as well as students from similar fields of study. There will be a tour of the Frederiksberg Campus, which will be your new home for the next several years. Keep an eye on your new KUnet and Absalon for more info.


D-days are some days that take place after the introduction course. They are held in schedule structure D, hence the name D-day, which is Friday afternoon.
There are three D-Days in total, all of which are important to attend.

Here you will be introduced to the social life on Campus in the form of interest groups, the Friday bar A-vej, social events that you and your rustur have to plan, etc. Your substance abuse counselors will of course also participate in the D-days. These are super pleasant days when, according to tradition, cake is served.

Put the dates in your calendar already and keep an eye on your rust watch group on Facebook for more info.

FN General Assembly

Of course, you should not miss the general meeting. It is always held on the first Friday in October just after the third D-Day. Here, all students from Animal Science, Environmental and Food Economics and Natural Resources (plus specializations within these three programs) will attend and have the opportunity to join the FN Board of Directors or one of the many professional committees and councils. Before the General Assembly, you will have the opportunity to read about the many positions to be filled, so you can sign up for what interests you! It is really nice to be on the board, as it strengthens both the social and professional aspects. If you do not want to sign up for anything, you can also participate and simply hear about the FN and our work. Everyone is welcome as FN students.

There will be food and drinks as well as snacks for all participants.

cabin trip

A wonderful cabin trip in three days somewhere in Denmark. Here you will be well shaken together with your fellow students both from your own study but also from other studies with which you share joint courses. It is both an academic and social trip, where there will be presentations from older students about your education, games (lots of games), parties (with the option of adding or opting out of alcohol), running, good times etc. You yourself help to create the good times and you will certainly have memories for a lifetime.

rusarrangement 01.jpg

Photo: The Student Council at KU



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Photo: The Student Council at KU

FrederiksbergCampus 01.jpg

Photo: The Student Council at the University of Copenhagen

This page is updated at least once per year when the new introductory period approaches. 

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