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Board of Directors


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The Board of the FN currently consists of 11 members, but there are 13 available seats on the board. The two Ordinary Members are available at the moment. All of the members study one of the 11 study programs that the FN represents and they all work in the Board on a voluntary basis.

To be a part of the Board is a pure privilege and is a way to directly handle and discuss the student policies. As a member of the Board you also get to decide how much economic support there will be given to academic and social events. Finally you are also the connection between the students and the administration of the Faculty of SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen.


The 13 members of the Board are:

1. Chairperson
2. Vice Chairperson
3. Treasurer
4. HEALTH council Representative 
5. SCIENCE council Representative
6. Freshmen's Contact 1

7. Freshmen's Contact 2
8. Interest Group Contact
9. Campus Committee Representative
10. Chairperson of UPF
11. Chairperson of FNIS
12. PR/Web Coordinator

13. Ordinary Member

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