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Guidelines for interest group applications

As an interest group under the FN, you have the opportunity to apply for financial support. This support can be awarded in connection with organized events of a social or professional nature that comply with the guidelines below:

  • The applicant must advertise the event to the extent that all FN members have the opportunity to find out about the event. This must be done by creating a public event via the FN's Facebook page*. This means that a Facebook event internal to the relevant interest group's Facebook page is not sufficient. An exception applies to applications in connection with the Market Square or the Race of Interest during the intro period for new students.The event have to be created at least 14 days before last registration, if failed to comply support will be de-prioritized. 

      *If your interest group does not have access to create an event through the FN's Facebook page, you must contact the PR coordinator.

  • The submitted application must contain a description of the event held. Below: who the event is organized by, where and when the event takes place and the purpose of the event.

  • Along with the application, the following must be attached:

    • A list of participants as well as documentation of their membership of the FN

    • Documentation in the form of an attachment* for the expenses that are to be covered

    • Information on how the grant is to be paid

       *The expenses must be covered on a separate receipt. That is there must not be other goods for private use or alcohol (exception for host gifts) on the receipts.

If your interest group complies with the above guidelines, you must complete the "Application form for financial support" and submit the entire application in pdf format to the FN's Interest Group Contact. The FN board will then process your application at the next board meeting.

The application form can be found at the bottom of this page.


Forwarding to members

When paying support to your interest group, the support must be forwarded to the participating FN members no later than one month after the support has been paid. However, this only applies to events where the support is sought for the members and not for a total pool as in e.g. support for the Marketplace or the Interest Run.

There may be random samples in relation to whether the support has been passed on in a timely manner.

Support before or after an event is held?

As a general rule, support is only paid out after the event in question has been held. However, if there are financial challenges in relation to setting up an event, it will be possible to make a special agreement with the FN board. Each case will be assessed individually and a written agreement will be drawn up.

Application form for support:

Here you will find the application form for support for your event. ​

It is very important that the rules for support are read thoroughly. ​

When you have read the rules, you must fill in the form and send it to the Interest Group Contact at:, with the title "Support application - Interest Group Contact".

Application form for financial support:


Violation of the guidelines

In the event of a breach of the prescribed guidelines, no financial support will be paid. If you do not comply with the guidelines for passing on support that has been paid out, the consequence may be the cessation of financial support and payment for the interest group's future events.


The guidelines have entered into force as of 17.12.2019

The guidelines were updated 14.11.2022

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