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What is UPF?

UPF stands for Education Policy Forum. 

UPF consists of students who sit on teaching committees, study boards and department councils.
As a member of UPF, the quality of courses, evaluation and composition of these, as well as which courses should/should not be offered to the FN's education programs are discussed. Everyone, regardless of whether you are a new student or soon to graduate, can be part of UPF. This is where YOU get the chance to be heard!

In the following link, you can find an overview of the student councils and educational committees. Here, you can see which representatives are seated where and how to get in touch with them.

What is a study board?

Basically, the study boards deal with exemption applications, credits and the study programs for the individual programmes. You can write to a representative from a study board if you have questions or comments relating to this. You can also join a study board if you wish to have a greater say. This can be done at the next FN General Assembly, but requires FN membership.

What is a teaching committee?

Each department has a teaching committee that primarily works with the course evaluations for the courses that are offered at the department. You can write to a representative on a teaching committee if you have special comments/criticisms about courses you have taken at the institute to which the teaching committee is affiliated. You can also join one of the teaching committees mentioned below for the next general assembly if you are a member of the FN.

UPF Abbreviations


IFRO: Institute for Food and Resource Economics

IGN: Department of Geosciences and Nature Management

PLEN: Department of Plant and Environmental Science

IVH: Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences


NR: Natural resources

JØ: Agricultural economics

HV: Animal science

AS: Animal Science

AD: Agricultural Development

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