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Photo: The Student Council at KU

Greetings from your Tutor contacts 




Hi there

The short one

Name: Halla

Real name: Sara Hallander Hansen

Field of study: Natural resources 

Position in the FN Board: Tutor Contact

Name: Otto

Real name: Otto Lind Olsen

Field of study: Natural resources

Position in the UN Board: tutor Contact

The long

Welcome to the University of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Campus. Our names are Otto and Halla, and we are your tutors and your FN contacts for everything to do with the start of your studies. In collaboration with FB's utor contact, we have assembled a strong team of tutors for the start of studies 2022. We have all spent over half a year planning the start of studies that you are about to embark on! We will make sure that you and your fellow students get the best start to your studies, which you won't soon forget. 

As a new student, you are probably really excited about everything, from the cabin trip and meeting your new friends, to your first day of classes on campus. We and your other tutors know this all too well, as we have been in your place ourselves. That is why we have put together a program that gives you the tools you need so that you are well prepared for university life. 

We are very much looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you well. If you participate in the KUA day (of course you do), see you there! And otherwise we'll see each other during the start of studies. Check out all the important dates here


We promise you that we will have some pleasant days together, and we and your other tutors will be here for you during the entire course. 

If you have questions even now, don't hesitate to contact us.



Or find us on Facebook ;)

See you soon!



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