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Land in Development

Jord i Udvikling on a spring trip to Møn. Here they visited, among other thing, Møn Honning, a willow cleaning plant in Sprove and an organic farm with seaweed harvesting and nature care.

interest groups

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What is an interest group?

FN has several different interest groups, which consist entirely of volunteer students from the Campus. An interest group is a group that has a common interest, such as Plant breeding, animals or foraging, where trips out of the house are arranged, meetings for the members and general exchange of knowledge about the respective common interest.

Everyone can sign up if they want to, and as a FN member you have the advantage that trips out of the house or other professional events are supported by the FN. This means that you as a member get these trips and events cheap or completely free.

Here are the different interest groups

The livestock farming Group

The Livestock Farming Group is an interest group for students who are interested in livestock and livestock farming. It is a very social group that holds many social events where there is an opportunity to meet and make new friends. A Pig and Cattle Congress is held annually in which the Livestock Farming Group participates, and as a member you have the opportunity to join. In addition, the livestock farming Group was at Roskilde Animal fair 2022, where they, among other things, had arranged exciting stalls for Animal fair's many visitors.

Read more and register  here .


Soil in Development

Soil in development is an interest group for students who are interested in how agriculture can develop in new directions with a focus on quality food, proper management of the earth's resources, the interaction between agriculture, nature and society and the aesthetic quality of the surroundings.

Read more and register here .


IFSA is the abbreviation for "international forestry students' organization" and is for students who want to gain an insight into international forestry policy while having fun on a local level. We try to mix professional excursions with social events in Copenhagen, but also to provide an opportunity for an international network. All activities take place in English.

Read more about the organization here:  

Become part of the local branch here:  

Oasis Cider

Oasis Cider is a group for everyone who is interested in brewing apple wine/cider at Oasis Cider. Together with Oasis' Cider peat holders, apples are picked, pressed, vinified and bottled, and homebrewed cider is made! You will find the oasis outside Marmorhallen at Thorvaldsensvej 40. 

Read more and register here .

The Oasis Garden

Oasens Have is for students who have green fingers and would like to grow differen plants in a normal or alternative way. Here you are responsible for keeping the garden and there is a good community in the group. Have a chat with the chairperson on their Facebook page or visit Oasens Have, which is located next to Marmorhallen at Thorvaldsensvej 40. 

Read more and register here .

The Plant Breeding Group

The plant breeding group is for anyone with an interest in plant breeding. The group provides a good community and arranges several professional trips each year. The group also provides an opportunity to participate in the annual Plant Congress, which is held in Herning and much more.

Read more and register here.

The economics group

The economics group is for students who are interested in economics and related subjects. Social and professional events are held here and the group is mainly aimed at economics students from Environmental and Food Economics and Environmental Economics (specialization in Natural Resources), but anyone with an interest is welcome. In April 2017, the Economics Group went on a four-day interest trip to Brussels, where they, among other things, visited the parliament, the commission and the embassy.

Read more and register here .

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