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Welcome to FN and KU

As a new student, starting university can be overwhelming. There are many new impressions and a lot of new terms you don't understand at all. What is the Marble Hall and where is the Library? Who should I contact if I can't find my room and how much does a cup of coffee cost?
You learn all this slowly during your studies. 


The FN works:

  • To create a safe environment for the start of studies

  • To develop and ensure the quality of our education and courses

  • To create a strong professional and social study environment

  • To raise awareness of our areas of expertise

  • That the University of Copenhagen must become a green dynamo in society

FN welcomes you from the very beginning in the form of the introduction period and the freshman camp trip. Here, older students who are members of the FN will take you by the hand and show you your new "home" and teach you how to become part of student life. Your first days on Campus are something very special that you will never forget. 

The FN is a word you will hear many times and see around you. It stands for the Association of Natural Resources Students and now you are probably thinking "But I don't read Natural Resources, what am I doing on this website?". FN is your professional association on Campus, which represents 14 different programs including Animal Science, Environmental and Food Economics and Natural Resources. Read more about the remaining courses here .

It is a good idea to join FN as a new student, as you get a number of advantages.

Read more about them here .

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