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articles of association

THE articles of association OF THE FN

Here you can read about the FN's statutes. Changes can only be adopted at a general assembly, by democratic choice of any changes.

Proposals for changes to the articles of association will be presented at each general meeting, which will then be uploaded here on the website. 

The applicable statutes are those from 2021-2022 in force as of 01/10 2021.

FN Statutes 2021-2022 (danish)
FN Statutes 2020-2021 (danish)
FN's Vedtægter 2023-2024
FN Statutes 2019-2020 (danish)
United Nations Statutes 2022-2023
FN Statutes 2018-2019 (danish)
United Nations Statutes 2021-2022
FN Statutes 2017-2018 (danish)
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