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The SCIENCE Council

What is the Science Council?

The SCIENCE council is the faculty council at the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences.

The SCIENCE council consists exclusively of students and represents all the students at SCIENCE. In the SCIENCE council, there is the SCIENCE council's main board, which consists of students from all SCIENCE studies who are elected in the individual subject councils or associations, and act as their voice in the SCIENCE council. In addition to the main board, there is the Chairmanship, which is elected at the annual SCIENCE council's general meeting. The chairmanship consists of five people; a political chairman, a  financial chairman and three vice-chairmen, and these are responsible for the day-to-day running of the SCIENCE Council. 

What does the SCIENCE Council do?

The purpose of the SCIENCE Council is  to make it easier to get in touch with the management, students from other studies and to secure the students' interests. Approx. once a month, the SCIENCE Council and its representatives from professional councils and associations meet for a main board meeting, where the students can both put their ideas into practice, and get savings with other students from other studies. In addition, the SCIENCE Council can also help with financial support via the SCIENCE pool.

What is the SCIENCE pool and how do you apply?

The SCIENCE pool is an amount of money that is distributed 4 times a year. The purpose of this  pool is to support student-run activities that improve the study environment at SCIENCE, and this can be social, professional or student political. 

The application deadlines are the Sunday of every midweek, and if you would like to read more about application requirements and deadlines before you send your application, you can read more here; www.,


If you have questions about the SCIENCEpool, the SCIENCEpool can be contacted at;

Contact the SCIENCE Council

The chairmanship sits both at the SCIENCE Council's offices at HCØ (Nørre campus) and at the Frederiksberg  Campus, and they can be contacted by email; kontakt@sciencerå  or on SCIENCErådet's Facebook page.

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