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What is FNIS?

FNIS stands for FN's Interesting Society

FNIS is FN's event committee which is responsible for organizing social events such as Christmas decorating event, Bingo with beertasting and film night, etc. FNIS consists of FNIS chairperson an volunteer members - this means that you as a member of FN can join FNIS and help organize these fun events. The FNIS committee hosts meetings with food and drinks to plan the upcoming events. It is a good way to meet other students from the other programs represented by the FN. In addition, you will gain experience in planning and executing events for many people. 
It's super fun to be part of FNIS, so it's just a matter of signing up!

In addition to the regular events, there is plenty of opportunity to let your imagination run wild! It is possible to organize new events for your fellow students. Everyone from the Campus is welcome at the events, but FN members get these events for free or at favorable prices. It is always an advantage to be a member of the FN.

How do I register?

If you would like to become a member of FNIS, simply contact the FNIS Chairperson, which you can find information about here .

FNIS is currently looking for new members, so if you hold a hidden event planner inside you, don't hold back!
Read more about FNIS Chairperson under
the FN Board  and send an email if you want to join FNIS.

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