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benefits as a member of fn

As a member of the FN, you get a number of benefits:

  • Participate in social events

  • Participate in professional/study related events

  • Apply for support for professional/study related events

  • Apply for a student grant for exchange

  • Be active in student politics

  • Become a tutor

There are many advantages to being a member of the FN. As a new student, many social and professional events are held, which you can participate in cheaply or completely free of charge. It provides a good opportunity to network and meet students across the FN's many programmes. 


If you are a member of an interest group, you can apply for support for professional events at the FN.

Read more under Support .


If you dream of going on exchange, but have calculated how expensive it will be, don't despair! As a member of the FN, you have the opportunity to apply for a Student Grant. This means that we can help you financially with your exchange stay.

Read more about how and when to apply for the student grant under Exchange .


The FN's Board of Directors consists of students who are all members of the FN. If you would like to be active in student politics, and have some good ideas to improve the study environment and the courses, you have the opportunity to run for position at the board at the FN General Assembly, which is held during block 1. In addition to running for the Board of Directors, you can also run for the Teaching Committee, Institute Council and Board of Studies. Here you have the opportunity to shape the framework for the courses and sit on committees, councils and boards with associate professors and other employees at the University of Copenhagen.

Read more about the FN Board here and about the other student political committees here._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


If you love organizing large events and loved being on a rust trip, as a FN member you have the opportunity to become a Tutor. Here, together with tutors from FB (Foreningen af Biology-Bioteknologistuderende), you plan the entire introductory period for the coming new students.

Read more about how you can become a tutor here .

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