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Beginning of your studies

Study start 

Ahh the start of studies, it's something most students think back to with a smile on their face. This is where you meet your future study mates and maybe make friends for life? The university offers a lot of new opportunities in the form of social and professional elements.

Here you can find information about your upcoming start of studies. Not everything is disclosed, as the program for some of the start of studies is secret, but you can find everything practical here on the page.

Read a greeting from two of your future tutors  here , who are also your FN tutor contacts.


The start of studies is something that the vast majority of students have participated in, and there is good reason why you should also participate. In the year 2021, the start of studies will be divided into two parts. An introductory week at the end of August and a cabin trip in November. Why you should participate:

  1. You meet new people with whom you will study for the next several years

  2. You get one on one experience in the form of social and professional experiences - maybe friends for life?

  3. It's great fun, cosy, cool, funny, educational, professional and exciting

  4. You meet nice and committed older students who have been in exactly the same place as you and want to give you the best start that they themselves had in their time!

The cabin tour at the FN is organized in collaboration with FB, which is the Association of Biology-Biotechnology Students. This means that in addition to meeting students from your own programme, you also meet students from three other programmes, all of whom have a lot of joint introductory courses at Frb. Campus.

The four programs participating in the FN/FB cabin trip are:

Biology-Biotechnology (FB)

Animal Science (FN)

Environmental and Food Economics (FN)

Natural Resources (FN)

This year, the cabin trip is divided into three trips in total, all three of which are held in cabins in Denmark. . 

The three cabin tours have the following names:


KUnec Hry 



Even though you don't participate in all three tours, you will probably get to know all the others from the other tours. Rusbureau, Campus Days and Matriculation Party are held during the introductory course, where all new students from the four programs participate. There will also be events just for your own education.

Read more about the practicalities here._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Read more about your start of studies on your education page on KU's Intranet .

Here it is required that you have your KU login with the "Swedish number plate", e.g.:

Anker 1
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