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Photo: The Student Council at KU


Good to know about the start of studies

In addition to the study start week, which is planned by your tutors and institutes, there are other events that you should take part in.

The first is the Student Council's RUS event at the end of August, which is an introductory event for all new students at the University of Copenhagen. The RUS event is held outside on the Sønder Campus. Here you can meet your future fellow students from your own education, as well as some of your future supervisors. Read more on the Student Council's Facebook event , where you can also participate.

The second is the Matriculation Festival, which also takes place at the end of August. Here, all first-year students meet at Vor Frue Plads, where the Rector and the deans welcome the new students. Shaking hands with the Chancellor is said to bring good luck for the rest of one's time at university. Of course, covid-19 is taken into account in these times. 
Read more about the Matriculation Festival on KU's Intranet under your study start page

The start of study week itself takes place in the last week of August and you will find out the program for the start of study week when you show up. But all we can say here is that you will get something professionally and socially out of the week. You will both spend time with students from your own degree program, but will also meet students from other similar degree programs. At Frederiksberg Campus, we have a fantastic interdisciplinary community, which creates a good framework for both the academic and the social.

Good to know after the start of studies

Now there is not long until you finally start your days as a university student, and it will be a wonderful time. Your addiction tutors have ensured that there are  events for new students, and these days are called D-days. You will hear more about them during the start of study week.

In addition, there are other cool events in September such as KU's Festival (cool festival at KU), Smediefesten (KU's absolutely coolest and oldest festival) and Nordic National Championship, which is a social sports event for the four Nordic agricultural universities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Read more about KU's Festival , Smediefesten and Nordic National Championship .

During the year  there will also be nice parties organized by the FN party committee FNIS and Frederiksberg Campus' party committee AU. In addition, you can have fun at the best Friday bar A-vej, which holds a Friday bar every Friday and café days on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This page is updated at least once per year when the new introductory period approaches. 

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