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FN Political

With an association like the Association of Natural Resources Students, you cannot avoid the political part. Although it might seem a bit heavy and bureaucratic, it is a really essential and important part of being a student on Campus! Among other things. this subject relates in particular to the consequences that the Progress Reform has had on life as a student at the University of Copenhagen. FN is therefore an association that takes great care to ensure that it is still fun, exciting and educational to study at Frederiksberg Campus!

It is the political part that ensures that there is actually room to be human while studying; that we have lecture rooms we can bear to be in; that our lecturers are aware that 4 hours of lecture without a break is not ok; that courses are not simply discontinued because savings need to be made, but that there is actually a basis for removing the course; and there are many, many more good reasons to get involved in the political part of attending university.

If you think that you would also like to help ensure the good study environment at KU, then do not hesitate to contact us!

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UPF is the Education Political Forum, which consists of students who sit on teaching committees, study boards and department councils.

The UPF deals with the quality of courses, their evaluation and composition, as well as which courses should/should not be offered to the FN's education programs.

Everyone, regardless of whether you are a new student or soon to graduate, can be part of UPF. This is where YOU get your chance to be heard!

The campus committee

The campus committee is for you who would like to make Frb. Campus a better place with a focus on the study environment.

It can, among other things, be organizing a football tournament, new sofas for a quiet room or kettles in the small kitchens...

The campus committee consists of representatives from the five associations on campus: FB, FN, FEF, FLS and VMF.




The SCIENCE Council

I SCIENCE Council's main purpose is to act as a coordinating body between the various student associations at SCIENCE, including the FN.

The SCIENCE Council ensures cooperation between the students and the University of Copenhagen's employees and management.

The FN is represented in the SCIENCE Council's Executive Board and Executive Committee.

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