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UN and JA

FN is your association as a student, while JA is a union with a focus on all FN educations.

You can become a member of JA for free. This gives you the opportunity to use all the offers that JA offers.

As a member of the UN, you are NOT automatically a member of JA, as registration for JA is done separately from registration for the UN. 

From JA to you 
  • You can register for free and participate in all the networks and networking events you want.

  • You can get help with career and skills development.

  • You automatically receive the member magazine Jord & Viden and can read/download the themed magazine moMentum+ on the website.

  • You will be invited to free debate meetings four times a year after the publication of moMentum+.

  • You automatically receive the newsletter JA Newsletter.

  • You can participate in professional events for free or at a special price.

  • You can make use of a wide range of advantageous offers and discount schemes, e.g. student account and petrol card.

  • You can get in touch with a mentor.

In addition, JA supports the students with, among other things:
  • Special courses for student members only

  • Sponsor blouse with JA logo for intoxication instructors

  • Support for activities, galas and graduation parties

  • Pamphlets for the new students with information about the student unions and JA

  • Soon candidate day for almost finished candidates

  • YES ambassadors at KU and AU

  • Support for the UN, FB, FLS

  • Administration of dues collections for the student associations

  • Status meetings with the student unions

  • Dialogue and grants for JS – JA's student representation

  • Cheap insurance at Tryg

  • Special agreement with Lån & Spar Bank for students

  • Other discount agreements, see more about JA's discount agreements at

One of the most frequently asked questions that the board receives is "can I be a member of the UN without being a member of JA?".

The answer is no. But this does not mean that you cannot also be a member of other unions at the same time. This is because FN shares all member administration with JA, and since FN's board is based 100% on volunteer students, it is not practically possible for the board to administer membership quotas without JA.

You can read more about JA at

————————————–—————————————IN ENGLISH———————–———————————————— ——

FN is your association as a student, and JA is a labor union, who has focus on all of the educations under FN.

When you become a member of FN, you also become a member of JA, which is free for you as a student. As a member of JA you get the possibility to use all the benefits that JA offers.

From YES to You
  • You can enroll and participate in all of the networks and in all of the network events.

  • You can get help with your career and with the development of competences.

  • You get the magazine for members named Jord & Viden.

  • Four times a year you get invited to a free debate meeting with the focus on the topic from momentum+

  • You get the news mail from JA

  • You have the opportunity to participate in professional arrangements for free or at a special price.

  • You can make use of several lucrative offers and discount agreements eg study account or gasoline card.

  • You can get in touch with a mentor.

JA is also supporting the students with for instance
  • Special courses only for student members

  • T-shirts for the intro instructors

  • Support to activities, full dress party, graduation parties

  • Soon-graduates-day for almost finished candidates

  • JA ambassador at KU

  • Support to FN, FB, FLS

  • Administration of the union dues for the UN

  • Status meeting with the student associations

  • Dialog and support to JS

  • Cheap insurances at Tryg

  • Special agreement with Lån & Spar Bank for students

One of the most asked questions, which the Board of FN gets, are "can I become a member without becoming a member of JA?".

The answer is no. This is due to the fact that all the administration of members and union dues is joint and cannot be separated, because the Board of FN is based on voluntary student work, and it is therefore not possible for the Board to administer the union dues without JA .

Read more about JA at their website:  

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